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The name, "Eithne Ní Bhraonain"

Enya's original name is Irish or Irish Gaelic.  It is pronounced as "ain-ya nee vree-nine". Her first name, "Eithne", generally means, "kernel of a nut or seed." It also means, "little fire". In English it would be pronounced as "AIN-ya", and since Enya is a phonetic spelling of Eithne, they are basically the same.   Ní means "daughter of" and Bhraonain, is the same as the surname, Brennan, in English.  And when you put it all together, her name means, "Enya, daughter of Brennan."

Where does the name, "Eithne", derive from?

The name, Eithne, derives from a Nordic legend in Celtic mythology. Eithne was a goddess condemned to live on an island and forbidden to marry. If she ever engaged in marriage it was fate that her husband kill her father.

Other spellings of the name, Eithne:

Enya, Eithna, Ethni, Eitna, Ena, Ethnea, Ethne, Aine, Aithne.

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