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December 17, 2009
Enya on Eurochannel

Special thanks to Mandy from Eurochannel for the official press release:

*Special Euromusic on Enya in January on Eurochannel*

In January, Eurochannel, the only channel with 100% European content available on DISH Network in the USA, is pleased to present Enya, the world famous Irish icon.

Come to celebrate with us the release of her latest album, *The Very Best of Enya *(2009), during a special program including an interview and some of her most famous video clips!* *

*Enya The Very Best of* will premiere on January the 10th at 8 PM (Eastern Time) and 9 PM (Pacific).

All the details of this special program are here:

And until January the 30th, Eurochannel organizes a contest with limited editions of her latest CD and DVD *Enya The very best of *to win. Play with Enya on!

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